William & Son Collaboration

To honour a fifth year and new identity, Accouter Design and the royally commended William & Son collaborated to create two classic and bespoke items, the William & Son for Accouter Design luggage bag and chessboard. 
The luggage bag is handcrafted in soft vanilla leather and is fastened together with charcoal stitching. The lining showcases Accouter Design’s bespoke fabric, which is complimented by the debossed zip tag and luggage tag that hangs gracefully against the vanilla.
The chessboard is a contemporary take on one of William & Son’s classic items. The champagne gold inlay frames the board and the design and colour-way is aligned perfectly to the luggage bag. Defining British luxury, the two pieces represent the William & Son for Accouter Design collaboration that is a privileged partnership that we look forward to progressing.